It is a fact that moving to a new home is exciting, but the thought of moving with a lot of furniture or a large amount of luggage seems to be very stressful. We, as United Movers and packers, will make sure that nothing is left behind when shifting. All your belongings will move to your new house safely. We will assist you in moving by providing you with a complete guide from a checklist that helps you arrange and manage all your belongings before moving so that all the stuff will be unloaded. Follow this checklist and stay satisfied that you’ll cover all you need to do before and during your move.

Moving Checklist For New House

Before relocating to your new house, there are some essential tasks you’ll need to prioritize. Here is the checklist for moving into your new house.

Renew Your Address

Your address is connected to most facets of your life, from transferring your emails to managing subscriptions, from credit banks to insurance, all related to your address. When you renew your address, you should update your most important tasks.

So when you are planning to relocate, you must update your address, which is crucial for you.

Assemble Important Documents

Before moving to a new house, you must gather all the essential documents like birth certificates, ID cards, medical reports, social security cards, etc. Loss of these items during the transfer may cause anxiety for you. So, We advise you to keep the essential documents in a safe place where you can find them easily when needed.

Arrange An Off To Work On Moving Day

Moving is a challenging task. It is a very stressful and time-consuming process. If you work in a company or any other office, you must inform the employers about your move and take a day off from work, so you have enough time to arrange these appointments before you head back into the office.

Make A Box Of Valuable Things

Nerve-racking process, but if you do this with proper precautions, you’ll find it pretty easy. An excellent way to control the damage is to create a valuables inventory and take photos of each item. This could be anything from your jewelry or mirror to the medicine box. Accidents can happen no matter how responsible or careful your moving company is. It is not a big deal, so moving insurance is worth looking into.

Arrange An Off To Work On Moving Day

Relocation Of Utilities

Before moving to your new house, you must first manage the work for the transfer of utilities (gas, water, and electricity). It would help if you informed the physical utility agencies or companies about your moving date to get the most out of the utility so that you can activate the utility timely in a new way.

Arrange The Connection Of TV and Internet

TV and the internet are for entertainment purposes, and nowadays no one likes to move in a dead zone. Everyone requires entertainment and enjoyment in their leisure time. So when you plan to move to another place, you should already take steps to install the cable and internet connections in your new place to kill your boredom. It is better to schedule installation 2-3 weeks before your move to ensure that your services are activated promptly and take the appointment slot that is easiest for you.

Analyze Custom Storage Solutions

If your place doesn’t meet your requirements, you can design custom home storage solutions to make your favorite schedules easier. If your cupboard uses wire shelving!! It generally doesn’t maximize the place available and can make it challenging to fix all of your stuff. Change your space and make it work for you – alter your unfinished garage into an office or a gym, update your kitchen, or design a custom cabinet. These are all essential steps for setting a daily healthy routine.

Make A Detailed Cleaning Plan

Before moving your furniture to another place, cleaning all the crannies and nooks of your new house is good. The previous owner may need more time to clean up as you wish. Clean your home once according to your satisfaction.

Get Ready To Pack

Start donating and throwing out unwanted things and clothes from your home and make your packing easy. Remove all the rugs and clean them before moving, so you don’t need to put yourself in a hurry. Take note of what needs to be replaced. Keep the measurements and layouts of your new house in mind, as this could mean more or less a place for your stuff.

Schedule House Improvements

House improvements and repairs are crucial to moving into a new home (a house, apartment, or villa). Some things are there that need more concentration than others (i.e., Plumbing, windows that don’t lock, leakage, etc.). The property management company or the previous homeowner should take these items carefully beforehand. Schedule these improvements ahead, so you don’t panic about them on move-in day.

Move Like A Pro

We hope our new house moving checklist assists you in staying organized and avoiding moving mistakes when you prepare to transition into your next steps. You can pack all the things with proper care and attention with the help of United Movers. The dedicated staff can help you pack and manage all relocation processes. We pack only the things you want us to pack. So get benefits with the exemplary services of the best movers and packers.